Dear Guest, welcome to our B&B Salapolis Luxury Apartments

We want to share with you all the measures taken for Covid-19 in our establishment, in order toprevent the transmission of the virus and protect the health of our guests and staff.

As always, in managing our bed and breakfast, the cleaning of our apartments and suites has been one of our fundamental responsibilites carried out scrupulously and with care using quality cleaning products. Each apartment must be neat, clean and have a pleasant scent.

Our new additional procedures for cleaning and sanitizing our apartments and common areas continue to maintain these high standards as well as compliance with operational guidelines and basic protection measures against Covid-19 as per regional authorities.

Preventive measures adopted for the Covid-19 emergency

In particular, we are implementing measures to maximize guest safety and at the same time ensure a tranquil stay at Salapolis. We have equipped ourselves with products and machinery for sanitizing apartments and common areas after each guest departure and we are implementing special cleaning and sanitation protocols including treatment with ozone and health department approved cleaning products.

Check-in and check-out procedures and requests for information will be organized so as to welcome only one family or person at a time in the reception area. Depending on the number of
guests present, the breakfast service will be organized in shifts with tables at a proper social distance. Guest will be welcome to enjoy breakfast on the terrace or take their breakfast selections from the terrace and bring them back to their apartment.

In addition, the use of masks and gloves, maintaining safe distances and frequent hand washing are now part of daily practice. The palazzo will be equipped with two hand sanitizing stations, with a dispenser of disinfectant solutions. One will be found in the reception area and a second will be found on the terrace area during breakfast.

Before you travel!

Please be sure to self evaluate your health before you travel and in the event that you have any symptoms that might be related to Covid-19 (specifically a fever indicated by a temperature of 37,5°C or higher) that you postpone your travel to Salapolis Luxury Apartments and instead remain at home until your symptoms have passed.

Required temperature checks for guests and staff to enter and stay at Salapolis

Please be aware that to ensure everyone’s safety, all guests and staff are required to undergo temperature scans at the time of check-in and must register a temperature of less than 37,5°C in order to check-in and stay at Salapolis. For this reason we strongly suggest all guests self monitor prior to departure to ensure that you are without fever which would prohibit your stay with us.

Recommendations and protocols for the reception of “non-hotel” accommodation facilities

Without a shadow of a doubt, coexistence with the virus will not make things simple in the management of our small structure. But surely we must trust in everyone’s collaboration in
respecting the rules of behavior necessary to avoid the spread of the virus. It will mean teamwork with an important goal…. so you can safely spend a few days of tranquility with us.
The World Health Organization (WHO) has drawn up operational guidelines for the management of the Covid epidemic in the hospitality sector. The document, which is now provisional, highlights what needs to be done to ensure the operation of non-hotel structures.

Operational observations for Covid-19 management in the “non-hotel” sector

Transmission occurs via respiratory droplets:

– by direct contact with an infected person;
– or by indirect contact via a contaminated surface or object and the mouth, nose or eyes.

Prevention measures:

– social distancing; which includes refraining from hugging or shaking hands with guests and staff; keeping a distance of at least 1 meter and avoiding anyone who is coughing or sneezing;
– hand hygiene; clean your hands regularly with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water. Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth. Disinfect your hands after exchanging
items (money, credit cards) with guests.
– respiratory etiquette using a mask or cloth covering that must cover the nose and mouth, use an elbow or folded handkerchief when coughing or sneezing. The used tissue must be
disposed of immediately in a bin with a lid.

Specific interaction in the non-hotel sector (guest – guest, guest – staff, staff – staff)

– avoid close coexistence between guests;
– reduce interaction between guests and staff;
– strictly comply with the protective measures against COVID-19 by staff

Action plan In accordance with recommendations from local and national public health authorities

to prevent COVID-19 infection:

– effectively manage emergencies;
– mitigate the impact between guests and staff;
– cleaning and sanitizing of rooms
– providing for the supply of equipment and procedures
– displaying documents and information posters for guests and staff (promoting hand washing, oral hygiene and cough etiquette);
– prepare useful information tools on basic hygiene practices

Recommendations for check-in and check-out – reception

– inform guests, if requested, about the Bed and breakfast policy in terms of preventive measures established and arranged to prevent any COVID-19 infection;
– provide basic hygiene recommendations for emergencies;
– use of personal protection devices by the manager of the Bed and breakfast;
– have people of a certain age carry out the reception operations;
– predict physical distance from guests;
– have specific sanitizer dispensers, such as liquid soap, wipes, for the hygiene of the Guests;
– prepare the telephone numbers of health authorities, public and private hospitals immediately available;
– hourly check-in schedule, in order to respect the social distancing with other Guests, imposed by the Covid-19 regulation;

Medical equipment needed at reception

– germicidal disinfectant for cleaning surfaces;
– glasses and masks or visual shield;
– disposable gloves;

Cleaning and disinfection of rooms and common areas

– usual daily cleaning of the rooms;
– adequate natural ventilation and air exchange every day for the rooms and common areas;
– improve hygiene services;
– thorough cleaning and disinfection of objects and surfaces of common areas, in particular handles, handrails and switches, at least twice a day or more frequently if necessary;
– cleaning surfaces that become dirty with respiratory secretions or other fluids;
– toilets, hand sinks and bathrooms, with adequate disinfectant solution, containing 0.1% hypochlorite (bleach). The surfaces must be rinsed with clean water after 10 minutes of contact with the product;
– telephone, remote control equipment, doors and buttons, with 70% alcohol;
– use disposable material for cleaning, remove cloths and absorbent materials

Linen collection and waste disposal

– pack in sealed bags, fabrics, sheets and clothes, to avoid raising dust, washing with hot cycles at 70 ° with disinfectant detergents;
– dispose of the disposable material (towels, gloves, masks and fabrics) in a container with a lid, according to national regulations for waste management.

Availability of materials

– staff training in the correct use of personal protective equipment;
– equip the cleaning staff with the necessary devices (gloves, masks and closed shoes)

Information and communications

– the breakfast room staff must respect the rules of personal hygiene;
– guests must disinfect their hands with disinfectant gel when entering and leaving the breakfast room

Buffet service and drinks machines

– avoid handling food;
– use separate containers and cutlery at the table;
– clean and disinfect the buffet surfaces after each service;
– clean and disinfect coffee machines and others after each service and more often if necessary

Washing dishes, cups, cutlery and table linens

– wash and disinfect dishes, cups and cutlery, including unused elements, as they may come into contact with the hands of guests and staff;
– manual procedure, washing, disinfecting, rinsing and drying with disposable paper.
– wash and disinfect tablecloths and napkins

Breakfast room setting

– setting up the room respecting the rule of n. 4 people for every 10 square meters
– distance from the back of a chair to the back of the chair at least 1 meter away;
– distance between guests of at least 1 meter
– breakfast service in the room or in agreement at the bar, in order to allow social distancing.

Equipment for washing linen

– correct functioning of laundry;
– operating temperature for correct sanitation;
– correct dosage of chemicals for cleaning and disinfection

Air conditioning

– maintain proper ventilation of the rooms, for the exchange of air;
– monitoring of the condition of the filters;


– check the correct operation of the soap dispensers and disinfectant solutions;
– arrange for the installation of units to dispense disinfectant gel in the common areas of the Bed and breakfast (at the entrance to the breakfast room and reception area)

We thank you for reading the precautions we are taking to deal with the Covid-19 emergency. It will certainly not be easy.

The purpose of this simple guide is twofold: to share with you the prescriptions and recommendations provided by the World Health Organization and at the same time to reassure
our guests when you return to travel.

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or even by email for any doubt.
And now that the time has come to resume your travels … we assure you that we will strive for your complete safety!

And as we said at the beginning of this advisory, it will certainly be teamwork with an important goal. The goal is to be able for you to spend a few pleasant, relaxing and regenerating days with us here in Gallipoli at Salapolis Luxury Apartments.